Click play below to hear an epic tale of one man who defied the odds and dared to dream.

All joking aside this is actually a true story sent in by one of our customers, Andy. All of the pictures from the video are his own as he sought to transform his makeshift bike storage solution in his shed into something more sturdy.

Before he decided to make a change his shed looked like this.


He was using wiring to suspend his prize bikes from the ceiling – a risky and unsafe option.

He then decided to make a change.

Here is a picture of his 5 new Steadyracks, bolted against the wall and ready for his bikes.


Once he had his bikes on the racks Andy could rest assured his prize bikes would stay safe and not fall on anyone’s head.


And with the Steadyracks 180 pivot design he could fold them away to create more floor space.


Thanks to Andy for sharing this story! If you have any stories about how you solved your bike storage problem get in contact at

Whether it’s a parking area, retail shop, office building, apartment building, local cafe or a public space, the Steadyrack bike rack is a brilliant innovative product both saving money and utilizing all valuable floor space.  It pivots 180 degrees so will save loads of space. Easy roll on roll off, so no lifting required. Buy your Steadyrack Bike Rack from .



We love different and cool ideas at Bike Rack Company, couldn’t resist sharing this pic of a toblerone bike rack!

Speaking of cool ideas, check out our rotating wall mounted bike rack, the steadyrack! It turns 180º for maximum space.



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