Gear Up Extra Bike Kit (for BUA aluminium racks) Black & Silver


£24.99 (inc VAT)

If you’ve already got a BUA aluminium rack for two bikes and want to increase its capacity to three or four bikes, then you’ll need the GearUp Extra Bike Kit which comes in either black or silver to match your existing rack. (1 extra bike kit per bike)

Product Description

  • The BUA aliminium racks come with fittings to hold two bikes as standard.
  • The GearUp Extra Bike Kit for aluminium racks allows you to increase the storage capacity of your GearUp rack up to 4 bikes (1 extra bike kit per bike)
  • Vinyl coated arms hold and protect your bike
  • The patented Trak Rak system allows them to be independently and infinitely adjusted to accommodate many shapes and sizes of frame
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