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No Lifting

Simply balance the bike on its rear wheel and push it into the rack – there’s no heavy lifting required.

Space Saving

Unlike bike stands, hooks or pulley systems, our racks have a unique 180-degree pivot feature.

Built to Last

Made from long lasting steel and UV treated plastic, our racks are strong and built to last, holding up to 35kg.

We all love riding our bikes, the freedom and the escape they provide. Even though we’d like to, we can’t pedal forever and when you’re not riding you’ve got to store your bike. The Bike Rack Company racks offer both a stylish and practical solution when space is limited. High quality and space saving bike storage racks.

Garage Bike Rack Storage

The garage is often shared by vehicles, bikes, toys, tools, storage boxes and more, which is why it’s very easy for this space to become cluttered and disorganised. Not only do unorganised and messy items in your garage make it hard to find things when you need them, but they can also be a hazard and cause damage if inappropriately stored. This is why we created Steadyrack garage bike racks.

These space saving bike racks for the garage have changed the way people across the world store and park their bicycles at home and work. Their unique features not only make them the perfect storage racks for the garage, but also for other areas in and around your home including storage sheds, living rooms, narrow hallways, gyms and even bedrooms.

When designing our bicycle racks for the garage, our goal was to achieve an easy to use solution for all types of spaces. Unlike other wall bike mounts or garage storage solutions, you can maximise your space either by pivoting our garage bike racks across the wall or by mounting them at a closer, staggered height. But that’s not all! Steadyrack bicycle racks are equipped with more unique features that will make storing your bikes a breeze.