Bike Box 1

Bike Box 1
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Bicycles and e-bikes cannot always be accommodated in basements or garages. Our BikeBoxes offer secure indoor and outdoor protection against theft, vandalism, and bad weather. They are ideal for businesses, residences, schools, clubs, or campsites. The combination of a superior design using the finest quality materials available makes this the perfect choice.

All-round protection in all weather conditions

Make it comfortable for your own or your guests’ bicycles: The BikeBox 1 protects quality bicycles and/or luggage day and night and in all weather conditions. Schools, sports facilities, government agencies, companies, campsites, apartment blocks, and private residences, and for employees, customers, or personal use – the BikeBox 1 is very versatile.

Through galvanising, the sturdy steel construction is corrosion and weather-resistant and long lasting. The BikeBox 1 comes standard with a single lever cylinder lock.

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Features of the Bike Box 1:

  • Protection against theft, weather, and damage.
  • Expandable to a row system.
  • Shipping within 24 hours.
  • High quality sturdy steel construction.
  • Weather resistant and long lasting through galvanizing.
  • High quality single lever cylinder lock.

Specification of the Bike Box 1:

  • Total Length : 850 mm.
  • Total Height : 1150 mm.
  • Storage Depth : 2050 mm.
  • Material : Sheet steel.
  • Finish : Galvanised and Colour Coated.
  • Fixing Options : Ground Mounting.
  • Parking Spaces : 1 bicycle.
  • Assembly Type : Kit.
  • Tyre width : Up to 55 mm.
  • Certification : ADFC Q1205 08/2012.

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