High Density Cycle Rack BRC 2600

High Density Cycle Rack BRC 2600
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Our 2600 and 2600 XBF models are a perfect choice for owners of high-quality bicycles. They have functional frame rests and mounting options for lock systems. They also offer plenty of room for wide handlebars. The alternating low / high setting with a height difference of 200 mm by spacing between bikes of 350 mm, or 700 mm on double-sided racks, makes for space-saving parking even for wide bicycles such as mountain bikes. The hoop width is suitable for bikes tyres up to 55 mm wide. The parking space depth for the 2600 model with one-sided bike parking is approximately 1850 mm, while the 2600 XBF model has two-sided parking approx. 3200 mm.

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Features of the High Density Cycle Rack BRC 2600:

  • Space-saving parking.
  • Generous spacing between hoops.
  • Lock fasteners.
  • Shipping within 24 hours.
  • Protection against secondary damage to the rims.
  • High quality steel construction and optionally galvanized for corrosion resistance.

Specification of the High Density Cycle Rack BRC 2600:

  • Total Length : From 700 mm to 2100 mm.
  • Total Height : 800 mm.
  • Storage Depth : 1850 mm (3200 mm for XBF model).
  • Material : Steel.
  • Finish : Galvanised or Colour Coated.
  • Fixing Options : Ground/Floor Mounting.
  • Parking Spaces : 2-6 bicycles.
  • Assembly Type : Kit.
  • Bike Spacing : 350 mm (700 mm for XBF model).
  • Tyre Width : Up to 55 mm.

Additional information

No. of Parking Spaces

2 Spaces (700 mm), 4 Spaces (1400 mm), 6 Spaces (2100 mm)

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