High Density Cycle Rack BRC (4600)

High Density Cycle Rack BRC (4600)
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You need space for your bicycles? Our models 4600 and 4600 XBF models offer space-saving parking with their alternating low/high setting and a comfortable spacing between wheels of 500 mm or 700 mm.

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The alternating low/high setting with a height difference of 200 mm and a lateral spacing of 500 mm, or double-sided 700 mm, makes for space-saving parking, even for wide bicycles such as mountain bikes. The hoop width is suitable for bikes with tyres up to 55 mm wide. The parking space depth for one-sided parking is approximately 1850 mm, for double-sided parking approx. 3200 mm.

For those who need more: These high density racks are pre-engineered for serial connection and floor mounting and are infinitely expandable

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Features of the High Density Cycle Rack BRC (4600):

  • Space-saving parking.
  • Generous spacing between hoops.
  • Lock fasteners.
  • Shipping within 24 hour.
  • Protection against secondary damage to the rims.
  • High quality steel construction and optionally galvanized for corrosion resistance.

Specification of the High Density Cycle Rack BRC (4600) :

  • Total Length : From 700 mm to 2100 mm
  • Total Height : 800 mm
  • Storage Depth : 1850 mm (3200 mm for XBF model)
  • Material : Steel
  • Finish : Galvanised or Colour Coated
  • Fixing Options : Ground/Floor Mounting
  • Parking Spaces : 2-6 bicycles (4-12 bicycles for XBF model)
  • Assembly Type : Kit
  • Bike Spacing : 350 mm (700 mm for XBF model)
  • Tyre Width : Up to 55 mm

Additional information

No. of Parking Spaces

2 Spaces (700 mm), 4 Spaces (1400 mm), 6 Spaces (2100 mm)

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