Two Tier Bike Rack

Two tier bike rack
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The “London” two-tier cycle rack offers superlative efficiency through maximum utilisation of space. 4 (single-sided) or 8 (double-sided) parking spaces on two levels taking up minimal surface area. The thought through and user friendly track system enables convenient bicycle parking. Also ideal also for unlimited series installation in public spaces. Using the multiple attachment points, the bicycle is effectively protected against theft. It is stable and can´t be tipped over. The galvanised steel construction is robust and durable. The two-tier cycle rack is available in versions for both single-sided and double-sided parking. With its potential for row installation, it is particularly suitable for mass bicycle parking racks in public spaces and in factories. Please enquire if you require for than 20 spaces as we can easily sort this out.

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The Two Tier Bike Rack is the ultimate for achieving excellent space saving bike storage whilst ensuring a usable system for your users. Offering superb usability and exceptional value it has become the bike rack of choice for any area requiring high density bike storage such as stations, universities, shopping centres, car park and offices. The Two Tier Bike Rack accomodates all types of bicycles which are securely supported in the tyre channel.

Features of the Two Tier Bike Rack:

  • Particularly space-saving.
  • Easy parking via user-friendly track construction.
  • There are multiple locking options.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Unlimited series installation possible.
  • Single and double-sided versions are available.


  • Total Height: 2500 – 2800 mm.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Finish: Galvanised.
  • Fixing Options: Bolted to the ground or sub fixing.
  • Parking Spaces: As many as you like, please enquire so we help you get what you want.
  • Assembly Type: Kit.
  • Bike Spacing: 375 – 500 mm.
  • Tyre Width: Up to 55 mm.

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