2 Tier Easy-Park Gas Operated Bike Rack

2 tier easy-park bike rack
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The new premium 2 Tier Easy-Park Bike Rack is extremely robust, efficiently maximises space and requires minimum effort to store bicycles safely. There is an optimised anti-theft system which uses a variety of locking points so your bike is safely stored away. The main feature of this bike rack however is its maximisation of space, storing more bikes in a smaller area using the alternating height setting making it suitable for any public space. It also has a robust lifting aid to make the product easier to handle and use for people.

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The Two Tier Bike Rack is the ultimate for achieving excellent space saving bike storage whilst ensuring a usable system for your users. Offering superb usability and exceptional value it has become the bike rack of choice for any area requiring high density bike storage such as stations, universities, shopping centres, car park and offices. The Two Tier Bike Rack accomodates all types of bicycles which are securely supported in the tyre channel. This 2 tier Easy-Park bike rack is perfect for anywhere that space is limited and is accessible by anyone due to the assisted moveable sections.

Features of the 2 Tier Easy-Park Bike Rack:

  • Extremely robust, corrosion-resistant, durable steel construction.
  • High-quality aluminium guide rails.
  • Ideally suitable for permanent use in public spaces.
  • Wheel space adjustable anytime by sliding guiding rails(recommendation: 500mm).
  • Space-saving parking of bicycles thanks to alternating high/low setting.
  • Locking points individually adjustable; suitable for all frame sizes.
  • Minimum effort for storing bicycles by robust lifting aid (gas springs).
  • Guide rail and wheel holders suitable for tires up to 55mm.
  • Optimised anti-theft system by a variety of locking points.
  • Optional for single or double-sided parking.


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